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Real People. Real Results.

The Cleansing Cloth Founder, Michelle Doolan has been treating clients with ALL types of skin and conditions for over 25 years.

But she just could NOT find a face washer that she could trust and recommend to her clients.

So she painstakingly created something that's EFFECTIVE, GENTLE, GETS RESULTS, and is ECO-FRIENDLY for the planet!

And voila! The Cleansing Cloth was born. ✨🥳

While the results in the photos above are a combination of clinical treatments, products, and regular skincare, Michelle's #1 go-to for anyone looking for better, healthier skin is The Cleansing Cloth!

Skincare starts with washing your face correctly!

If your skin looks similar to any of these photos, we highly recommend trying out a Cleansing Cloth.

"Seriously the most amazing thing since sliced bread! I can’t believe how amazing my face feels just after cleansing 💕"
- Tracie
"I've used a lot of skincare products and gadgets on my skin as I’m a self proclaimed skincare addict, The Cleansing Cloth is my new favourite and will always be a staple in my daily routine. Super easy to clean too – in the washing machine – love it! Xx”
- Kate
"Cant live without my new skincare product! My skin is so much healthier since using it – I cant believe the amount of stuff that comes off my skin at the end of the day when I’m sure its clean before I use the cloth”
- Nat
"TCC has helped my skin so much since using – no more big pimples as I think my skin is cleaner at the end of the day.”
- Ava
"Hey Michelle used the cloth for the first time tonight its is amazing! Coming back to buy one for each of my sisters! It’s the best"
- Joyce
I received my cloth yesterday in the mail – thank-you! I used it for the first time and it was magic. So cooling for my skin which is super sensitive. I found your website and thought I would give it a try. Its amazing thank-you
- Sarah