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After spending 24 years in the industry frustrated with the lack of basic technology to ensure effective, safe and healthy cleansing for clients, Michelle (Skin Nerd) has developed The Cleansing Cloth, a simple yet effective tool to use daily with your very own skincare products to ensure safe and effective cleansing.


Your skin is the largest living organ your body owns and it's so important we take care of it!

1. Protect it from the sun!

2. Provide nutrients to it to help support and allow it to grow

3. And most importantly CLEAN it correctly with care!

A topic Michelle repeatedly discusses with new clients when they meet is "HOW TO CLEANSE CORRECTLY"! Many do it wrong, don't do it at all or try their hardest but are unaware of the damage they do whilst cleansing. 


With a CLEANSING CLOTH, of course! Using your choice of Cleanser (Michelle will often recommend a cream as her preferred medium) apply and massage into the skin for minimum 30 seconds. This allows better penetration of all the goodness within your cleansing ingredients to work. Removal is key!

Many people splash remove their cleanser either over the sink, or in the shower, this equals ineffective cleansing as most of the debris is still lying on the skin. Makeup does not completely remove and sometimes your cleansing ingredients remain. These ingredients begin to break down the skin causing PH unbalance, redness, tightness and fine flaking just to name a few. 

Here enters the hero... The Cleansing Cloth! With a quick wipe as you would a flannel or face washer, your Cleansing Cloth will remove all residual makeup if any, cleanser and any skin debris that has been loosened, providing the perfect and effective cleanse all whilst being gentle and nurturing.


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