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Are you Ready for a RESET?

I spend most of my days in clinic encouraging clients to tone back their product use with a less is more approach to skin actives. With so many available products I often get my clients to take photos of their bathroom cupboards full of skincare that when we line it all up - often there are groups of 3 or more similar products in each category - its a total over purchase with limited education on what does what and how to all works when combined together.

The less is more approach comes from a background of study that supports allowing your skin to do its best work by itself - you just support the basic functions-  regeneration, sun protection and moisture loss.

By sealing in the moisture, completing our best anti ageing step each day (sunscreen application) and encouraging your skin cells to turn over every so often (I mean max 1-2 per fortnight) you will find your skin loves YOU, more than the products you apply.

A decade or more ago it was all about polishing the surface EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE in return we now see skin cells that only know how to survive under wafer thing existence (this is NOT good) and a human who desires super smooth, perfectly polished, camera ready skin 24 hours a day! its over kill.

Hence I ask the question ARE YOU READY FOR A RESET?

its a reset of your mind... your skincare products... a total re-evaluation of what works best and why you use it. 

We often do a spring clean to restart our skin journey but what about a little Autumn finesse - simple, repair and support. Put away all those actives and begin with the most important step of all CLEANSING with the ever so amazing, barrier supporting, prevention of moisture Cleansing Cloth (yep its the bomb of all cleansing tools)

Your reset is Cleanse AM/PM, hydrate with a simple booster if desired such as Vitamin B, or Hyaluronic Acid AM/PM and moisturiser to seal the deal. Trust me it will take a few weeks to a month for this to settle in especially if you have been a slave to a 20 step skincare routine but by the end of 90 days of RESET you skin will never be stronger.

Throw in a little exfoliation in once per week and you can thank me later!

It's essential that your face washing, makeup removing technique is perfection, this means you remove debris and makeup with ease, no stress on the skin, leaving the barrier happy and supported - how do you do this - with a Cleansing Cloth of course. 

Head here to buy and begin your Autumn Skin Reset!

Michelle x



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