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Why you need The Cleansing Cloth as a Wholesale Partner

"In search of a go to product that will change the life of your clients in less than 60 seconds then read no further... "


The Cleansing Cloth Skin Shammy

The average client spends between $1500-$3000 per year on skincare and skin treatments - think top level ingredients and clinically proven laser and rejuvenation machinery yet they wash their face completely wrong!

Most of us either splash remove makeup and cleansing product or we use fabric fibred face washers. (lets not even talk about makeup pads and wipes ohhh dear)!

The first is completely ineffective and speaking to the converted I know you know how bad this is... using a face washer, what's wrong with that you might ask? Its the hidden bacteria that forms in the fibres that's what's wrong!

Within a matter of months bacteria forms, face washers get an odour like towels when wet - its bacteria forming - we machine wash them which rids the odour but doesn't completely get rid of the bacteria - we wash again and again with the same face washer layering dirt, grime and bacteria back on the surface contributing to unhealthy skin habits.

Michelle our TCC Founder has 25 years industry direct hands on experience and wanted to create a product that was available to all consumers regardless of the skincare products they use.

What's TCC made of that makes it different

  • PVA Biodegradable Material - this super soft (when wet) think a fine wet suit material in texture) and stiff when dehydrated - glides over the skin gripping gentle to the skins surface to efficiently remove all traces of makeup, dead skin cells and over produced oils
  • Bacteria eventually forms like in your toothbrushes showing us when its time for a new one - think 4-5 purchases a year.
  • The super silky material is great for sensitive and rosacea based skin types as its cooling at the same time

Why add The Cleansing Cloth to your Skin Care Retail Range

  • Its a great added value for new clients a cost effective gift that details the importance of skin health
  • Easy add on sale to increase your profitability
  • Its designed to show you know the importance of skin cleansing
  • Every single client needs a "CORRECT" cleansing routine
  • Environmentally friendly - educate about consumable face wipes and makeup pads

Here is a little info on The Cleansing Cloth and Director Michelle

Why choose The Cleansing Cloth

 The Cleansing Cloth is exhibiting at The Beauty Expo Australia 26-27th August in Sydney - make sure if you are visiting to come by and say hello.

If you are interested in a wholesalers relationship please contact us on info@thecleansingcloth.com.au for further information and sample pack

To find our order click here COMPLETE and EMAIL orders@thecleansingcloth.com.au


Michelle - The Cleansing Cloth x



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