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Do You Need to Clean Your Skin from Summer Holidays?

SUNSCREEN, ALCOHOL, SUGAR and those ever indulgent days and nights! Yep its time to start a Skin Detox!

February is always my time for New Year changes - January is full of fun and frivolous activity - less vigorous exercise, indulgent eating and little attention to the routine of life. Feb comes around and it's back to work, back to school and back to the focus of healthy glowing clean skin.

Do you have a Skin Detox routine?

As a skin therapist I try and practice the skill of keeping it pretty simple each and every day of the year. See I'm a believer in the less is more project. Use and do the things that count, that have some science backed up to them showing the results that can be achieved - so to lessen this approach in January means I need to put in a little extra work come Feb.

My HOT TIPS for refreshing your skin after summer are:

  • Return to your skincare routine pre Xmas. Remember the important of keeping it simple and supported. If you are in need of a hand with this seek some advice from a professional skin therapist who knows their stuff.
  • Drink loads of water. This will ensure you are super hydrated from within and encourage a little flush out of all the added toxins in your system. I like adding a little squeeze of lemon juice this time of year - it adds a little zing and a summer vibe and aids in the detoxification process especially if its added first thing in the morning
  • Try and consider eating as fresh and light as possible. I am a true believer in the SKIN, GUT, MIND AXIS! You are what you eat and what you eat fuels your cells - these cells are your skin too!
  • Consider a few clinical skincare treatments with a professional
  • Start back on the gentle exercise routine - slow movement helps to aid in cell regeneration and this is key in forming functionally amazing skin
  • Always use sunscreen - its the biggest anti ageing ingredient you will ever use
  • And last but not least - use a Cleansing Cloth to always refresh your skin in your morning routine and start your day right - (just like the lemon water supplement) and end it correctly by removing all traces of makeup and skincare from the day.


Your Cleansing Cloth will play the biggest role in lifting the minor congestion caused from strong use of sunscreen throughout the summer period.

I'm not sure about you - but through December, January and February I increase my application of sunscreen to at least 2 times per day as I am not working indoors and often spend a lot of time actively outside in the great outdoors. Different sunscreens leave different forms of film on the skins surface which can cause irritation, increased skin conditions such as Acne, breakout and even more severe conditions such as Keratosis Pilaris. These overactive cell skin conditions combined with the weight of sunscreen mean your skin often congests more and breakout, blackheads and sallow looking skin arrives by the end of February.

The texture of The Cleansing Cloth is softly grippy - swiping over the skins surface to grab any debris sitting above the skins natural layer. This means dead skin cells, dirt and grime and the ingredients of a heavy sunscreen with be adequately removed to ensure the skin is correctly clean.

You don't need to go and get a deep pore cleanser, or over use the one you have currently, in the process of trying to clean your skin.

Use a Cleansing Cloth. This little addition to your already existing routine will ensure a clean and Autumn ready skin in no time.

M xx



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