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The new "Skin Shammy" on the block

Its soft like silk, yet when dry as stiff as a board - how is it possible that this cleansing cloth can be the game changer to your skin routine.

Its simple - say goodbye to disposable products like makeup remover pads, cotton balls and the dreaded makeup wipes and start your skincare routine correctly with a product that revolutionises the skincare regime.

Made from PVA material the skin shammy is a texture similiar to wetsuit material - super soft to touch and remains at a cooling temperature. The ability for it to simultaneously wipe and remove all traces of makeup and skincare products whilst leaving the skin feeling fresh and protected is what makes TCC amazing.

Why is this important?

Our skins biggest secret to anti ageing is leaving the skins surface barrier intact and always supported. This little barrier is an eco system of good and bad bacteria, tiny little cells functioning to ensure our skin stays safe, doing its primary job to protect us and our functioning organs.

We mess with the eco system - we mess with our skin! We often see skins in beauty industries fighting to retain hydration, can be red and irritated, flaking for no reason and chronically inflammed with acne and rosacea like symptoms.

As a skin therapist of over 25 years my first line of defense is to protect that barrier function - we fix that we fix almost 99% of the original skin concerns listed above.

Its simple really - keep it simple and cleanse correctly.


1. Ensure you are using the correct cleanser

2. Cleanse correctly

Its my biggest teaching to date and almost all my clients get this education when first meeting me - how to cleanse! 60 seconds, AM/PM and always remove with a face cloth. Never splash remove or with disposable washers or makeup removers.

If you need some further education on this - read here on the topic of how to cleanse correctly.

Selecting the correct material to wash your face with is the second most vital part of a healthy skin eco system and that's why we created the Skin Shammy known as The Cleansing Cloth.

It needs to be soft and smooth as silk, be as anti bacterial as possible without nasty chemicals or additives to do this. Be swift enough to clean the skin ensuring nothing is left behind except healthy happy skin.

Dadahhhh - Introducing TCC! If you havn't tried it - now is the time to start your year with a strong Cleansing game! You'll never look back I promise.


Michelle (aka Skin Nerd)





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