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Why Rosacea needs tender loving care

People living with Rosacea have a hard time establishing a skincare routine that can both be effective at keeping the symptoms of rosacea at bay - whilst also focusing on things such as breakout, skin texture and anti ageing.

Often the world of cosmetics is one product addresses one concern, so how do you support rosacea whilst also using actives?

Its all about the Skin Barrier!

Rosacea is a long term skin condition as dermatologist and experienced skin therapists will tell you. It occurs because of rogue skin mite that destroys the skins immunology to protect itself causing redness, swelling, breakout and irritation in the skin. Commonly located in the cheek area more severe cases can develop over your entire face.

Mild rosacea often means flushing and constant redness that peaks with stimulants such as hot/cold variants, active skin care, exercise and alcohol to name a few. Small fluid like blemishes occur throughout the area leaving the skin very irritated and often misdiagnosed as acne.

Why the MITE?

No one really knows - its common in genetic links so think your mother or father, auntie, uncle and yep - you will most likely be a candidate. It presents itself normally mid to late 30's for most cases and many experienced skin therapists now know it has a lot to do with your gut health, diet and inflammatory system.

We are what we EAT and our lifestyle plays a big part. 


We can't - the key focus is on minimising the symptoms the mite causes on the skins surface

  • Small blemishes
  • Redness and flushing
  • Dryness and flaking
  • Extreme dehydration

Although most of these will benefit from the care and support of your dermatologist and a excellent skin therapist who specialises in rosacea, the key is to focus on how to build up the skins strength to combat the times when its vulnerable and this is where your skincare products and your skin tools at home play a key feature.

How we wash our face and what we wash it with is key

I prefer cream cleansers for rosacea skins - 'says Michelle from Skin Nerd' they are gentle enough but also help support the skins need to remove excess oil and thoroughly cleanse. 

'I created The Cleansing Cloth specifically for clients with sensitive skins to help support their much needed skin barrier. This protective film is the most important to any rosacea human. The cloth remains cool even when immersed in hot water, it glides over the surface of the skin without being harsh and soothes the much irritated skin condition.'

What other skin care products can you use

  • Salacylic Acid is your friend - its an anti inflammatory skincare product
  • Hyaluronic Acid - this helps improve moisture levels
  • Sunscreen - Zinc Only
  • TCC Cloth (of course)

Whilst we also want to focus on other skin issues its important you consider what you use and whether it will aggravate your rosacea. Some rosacea skins can tolerate retinol, whilst others it creates flare ups. It may well be you use it occasionally around your normal A to C skin care routine.

The above listed products will exfoliate your skin, provide superb hydration and protect you (which is the best anti ageing product you can wish for).

Seek some advice and if you feel unheard - then send me a message - I'm more than happy to provide some advice anytime

M xx

Do you have Rosacea? Take our Rosacea challenge! 

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