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TEWL? Pardon

How do you prevent Skin Water Loss?

Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) is code name of broken barrier, dehydration, moisture loss, the list goes on...

Put in simple terms TEWL is the process of water moving through the deep cells to the surface and evaporating in an accelerated rate. Why is this a bad thing, you may ask?

It not only leaves your skin depleted, it shows tell tale signs of a disfunctional cleansing and hydration routine.

Lets get a little 'Sciency'..

Our skin produces water content naturally as part of its daily function - the surface cells compact as they get closer to the skin creating naturally more dehydrated skin - this is why we use moisturiser and some skin serums to help fluff them up. This fluffing is only temporary for the period of time the product is on the skin. TEWL occurs firstly if there isn't a seal on the skins surface. The deep water transfers up to the surface in a fight to create equilibrium. We want to lock it in! The other reason why water loss escapes is because of skin barrier health. 

If we use the wrong type of cleanser or incorrectly cleanse then we leave the skin void of its secret barrier (its first line of defence) the flow on affect of this is water evaporation.

How can you tell you have TEWL?

  • You skin flakes often (especially around oily areas)
  • It can have a red undertone to it after cleansing (not because you had a hot shower)
  • It feels tight even after using hydrating skincare
  • Often products will sting and your skin is sensitive

Help me I think I have TEWL?

  • First thing you need to consider is your cleanser and its PH - go for something a little more gentle to help support the skin
  • 2nd and most important CLEANSE correctly - the step by step process of cleansing correctly 30 seconds AM/PM remove with a cloth is key! If you are splash removing you can identify this as problem No.1 (its a big NO NO!)
  • You want to lock in your water content ASAP - once cleansing get out of the shower straight away, dry your skin quickly and immediately proceed to your skincare routine - don't delay as this automatically starts the process of water transfer as mentioned above

And lastly just as a friendly reminder if your skin is suffering from TEWL its not always an easy fix of the things NOT to do anymore... you may need some help to repair first before maintenance. Seek help if need be!

And please consider Cleansing correctly - if you havnt tried a cloth its a game changer!

I DARE YOU.. give it a go! Your skin will thank me later

x M

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