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Do you wash your face with germs?

Here we are thinking we are doing the most amazing job washing our face morning and night following the guidance of your Skin Therapist, Social Media Influencer or your Mother's home grown advice. However, its highly likely in all that cleaning you are just adding more bacteria!

PARDON? you may ask

If you use a material cloth face washer - or anything re-usable that is more than 10 weeks old - regardless of the fact you wash it thoroughly or not, it will have hidden bacteria or mould spores for sure!

Have you ever used a face cloth for a few days in a row and realised it smells? That odour is bacteria forming inside the weave of the fabric - you can't see it because the fabric colour often hides this until it's over taken by bacteria.

These little spores are a natural part of life - they live on our face already and given the right breeding environment (a moist, dark woven area) they will manifest into something much more sinister over time. If machine washed, the excess bacteria that generates odour will dissolve but the germ still remains, meaning once you wet it again, the process begins all over again.

Washing your skin over and over with these types of bacteria, places your skin's PH in a level of harm, causing breakout and inflammatory skin conditions such as peri oral dermatitis rashes and skin peeling, just to name a few.

This is why we recommend a Cleansing Cloth

1. It's made of a micro fibre that's more resistant to mould and bacteria development.

2. It's white, so you can see when it too develops what naturally occurs in all cleansing or cleaning equipment, meaning you can be confident in knowing when it's time to replace it. It can happen quickly if you don't clean between uses, so ensure it dries as much as possible between each use, especially if you have extra oil activity.

3. It's 100% more effective at removing your cleansing product, any makeup and dead cell build up than a normal, average face washer.



The key to healthy happy skin is commitment (like most things in life), which means cleansing daily - morning and night - for a minimum of 30-60 seconds each time. This is key to always ensuring your skin has it's best foot forward!

The cells are balanced, hydrated and calm when you effectively cleanse, ensuring you are a step in the right direction towards less breakout and skin irritation.

For further support on how to use a Cleansing Cloth check out our other informative blogs on Skin Health.

Happy Cleansing!

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