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Why Makeup Wipes Don't Care About Your Skin

Consider this - What kind of water soluble product is capable of effectively cleansing your skin, removing your makeup but leaves your skin content at the end?

The claim is Makeup wipes but seriously people can we please chat about the truth! Ask any true skin addict, skin nerd, dermatologist or skin scientist and they will all say the same.

DON'T USE THEM (please)!

Yes they are functionally brilliant and easy to use, throw away - lets talk about this environmental blunder later - and seemingly effective, (questionable at removing makeup in one quick wipe) but they are riddled with chemicals that enable this process.


  • Environmentally they are a consumable landing in our landfill all over the world on a daily basis because they are easy to use, hassle free and not super expensive. We often speak about baby wipes being a consumable we should reduce yet nothing is ever spoken about when it comes to facial wipes (same thing with the addition of some nicer smelling fragrance). We wouldn't possibly put this on our newborn's skin, yet we are totally fine to apply it to our own (insert eye roll shock horror).
  • They are loaded with CHEMICALS that do the job of swiftly removing makeup and are then dosed with fragrance or essential oils to make them seem more skin friendly however the key word here is chemical.
  • They are ineffective at balancing oil. Often the ingredients superficially glide over the skin removing the excess makeup, but leave behind residual chemicals and poorly remove things such as dead cells, skincare ingredients and makeup. Cleansing is far more effective!


Products have always been developed based on consumer demand and for this sales pitch it's about quick and efficient removal no matter the consequence on the skin. If your key focus is on healthy glowing skin that functions well, then your best approach is to ditch all the tools and extra equipment and follow the simple step of cleansing with a professionally recommended cleanser for your skin type and consistently using it every day, morning and night.

The massage of product helps to soften and dislodge makeup, dead skin cells and break down the skins natural forming oils.

Next step is always the removal - this part is key - you can't strip the skin but you need to ensure all product has been removed - left behind it can cause havoc on the skin. This is performed best with a facial cloth, and of course we are going the recommend an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial material such as The Cleansing Cloth!

If you haven't tried one 2024 is your year to take the challenge, you'll never turn back!

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